Sara Underwood’s Untold Story

Before shooting her nude scenes for Patreon, Sara Underwood is used to recalling her fascinating stories from the past. For her, that night was one of the brightest intimate events in her life.


Sara Underwood’s Untold Story

It was a full moon. Sara lay on the bed, silently staring at the window. The dim light of the moon barely lit up her room. Shadows of bizarre shapes could be discerned on the walls, ceiling, and floor. The girl was bored by merely lying and thinking about herself. Her boyfriend was busy. Smiling, Sara touched her lips. Then, gently touching her skin, she started moving her arms from neck to chest, tummy, and finally to the virgin pussy.

Aged 18, she was overwhelmed with sex dreams. They made her put her playful hand into the white pants and immediately reach out to her pink clitty. She couldn’t ignore that sweet tender thing because it was already excited. The girl started quietly rubbing it up and down and around. Well, it gave her incredible pleasure. The girl slightly spread her legs and got down to caressing her pussy faster. From time to time, she parted her labia and gently rubbed the way from the clitoris to the pussy. Her boyfriend came home from work earlier today. The guy entered the apartment and, having heard the moans of her chick, thought that she’s having a good time.

The boyfriend came up to the bedroom. Paying no attention to him, she kept pleasing herself. The babe clamped her legs. With the tensed body, biting her lips, she cummed with a sweet moan. Having completed her masturbation, she only started gathering thoughts when the guy entered the room.

Chuckling, he told her that he missed her. The babe answered the same, but her eyes seemed guilty. The boy told that she had done obscene things without him. The babe asked if he peeped at what she was doing. He replied that it’s OK since he’s her guy.

The guy slowly approached her girlfriend and sat on the bed. He put his hand on the inside of her thigh. He told what she was doing couldn’t be regarded as something worthy, and it’s high time to get down to a real sex game. He kissed her, and the desire took over her once again. While kissing the babe, the guy held her tight, and that drove her crazy.

At that moment, the babe wore nothing except a see-through T-shirt and panties. He slowly lifted the girlfriend, put his hands on her boobs, slowly massaging them. A sweet shiver ran through the babe’s body, and the babe perceived a pleasant tingling in the lower abdomen. The guy, whose thoughts were now so dirty, gently kissed her neck, leaving love burns on that sweet part. He covered all of her body with gentle kisses, moving lower and lower. The guy kissed her shoulders. He squeezed her waist with his hand, and with another, he started massaging his babe’s boobs. Unable to withstand his passion any longer, the guy abruptly tore off her transparent, white T-shirt. It shocked her, but she felt the guy’s hot breath with every cell of her sexy body. He caressed her nipples with his tongue and started moving lower and lower. Now he was spreading her tummy with hot kisses. The babe closed her eyes.

Using his teeth, the guy pulled off her panties and got down to caressing her pussy, already flooded with lubrication. Time passed slowly, although it felt like it accelerated with every second. The boyfriend spread her labia with his fingers and licked everything from her clitoris to the vagina since he remembered how his girlfriend did it. After a while, Sara was unable to restrain herself. The babe sweetly moaned.

However, there were neighbors behind the wall of the apartment, and they might manage to hear what they were doing in bed. That’s why the guy closed the babe’s mouth and kept sweetly “torturing” his girl. As a result, she cummed with a loud moan. He even removed his hand from her tender lips to hear that sweet moan because it so excited him. He didn’t let her have a rest from their adorable game. Now the virginity of his babe was an obstacle for him. However, at the same time, it delighted and sparked a desire to quickly taste that tight, yet inaccessible hole for everybody. Her boyfriend slowly started putting his dick into her pussy. First, the glans found itself there, and he immediately perceived the obstacle. The situation was heating up, and his desire increased.

The boyfriend started entering her deeper and deeper. Sara’s face reflected a visible pain. The girl’s cheeks, reddening from pain and embarrassment, beautifully stood out on the face. This pleasure of belonging to him took over her body, as if a minor tickling from the inside, rising higher and higher, and heat, rapidly flowing through her veins. The heart beat faster and faster. He entered her gently, fearing to make her feel pain. However, he did it in the right way.

The babes asked him to wait because she felt pain. He replied that she should be patient, and it would be better soon. Having calmed her down this way, he completely entered her. It was so pleasant for her to feel his cock inside. She perceived the dick as something big and hot. The guy sped up as he couldn’t restrain his passion and slow down.

She told him to slow down, but he ignored her request. He was focused on her sweet moans as they excited him a lot.  Sara kept cumming, but the guy didn’t let her rest. Instead, he turned the babe over, grabbed her chest, and resumed his wild pace until she reached another orgasm and virtually begged him to enter deeper and faster. However, he just pulled out his dick from her pussy and said that it should have a rest. It somewhat disappointed her, but she didn’t even have time to say a word, as she felt his hands making their way to her anus.

With a sly smile penetrating his fingers into her anus, he asked her permission to enter there. She gave a soft moan. Then he entered there with two fingers and started circularly moving them. Finally, he prepared her ass and finally entered that chocolate hole so gently so that the girl would not feel any discomfort. The minutes of tenderness passed quickly, and his wild passion returned, and he was fucking her in the ass wildly with his hard dick. She wanted more, but after a storm of love, he was utterly exhausted.

She asked why he stopped, telling that, on the contrary, sex was giving her energy. So, the babe rolled over and was already riding him. Sara passionately kissed his lips and was already sitting on his erected cock. She sat up on his dick so abruptly and immediately was overwhelmed with pleasure. He couldn’t recognize his modest girl. The boyfriend held her by the waist, and she couldn’t help scratching his chest with pleasure. The boyfriend’s dick entered her pussy so deep, touching every wall of her now shrinking hole. She cummed once again. She cummed over and over again, and her pussy became so loose. Finally, her pussy played enough with his dick, but her mouth wanted more than just kisses.

She shifted lower and greedily started to suck his already pulsating dick. The girl sucked his cock gently and simultaneously quickly, sometimes helping herself with hands. From time to time, she swallowed it as deep as possible and even played with his balls. The guy couldn’t even admit that his babe was so much overwhelmed with sexual energy. Once he thought about it, he cummed in her pretty mouth. The lustful babe barely managed to swallow his sperm, and part of it remained on her boobs and lips.

He kissed her and finally lay down on the bed. Sara lay down next to him. The boy hugged her. Sara again kissed her boyfriend and told that for a long time, she was struggling to confess that she wanted him. With these words, she resumed kissing him. Realizing that they would proceed with their sex game, he smiled cunningly and answered her sweetheart with a passionate kiss.

The story is the author’s fantasy.

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